Following the Fire

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I saw this video of Elizabeth Gilbert yesterday and I was brought to tears. 

The journey into entrepreneurship happened by accident. There was never a grand plan to run my own business, only to keep creating and to follow my fire. I know I am not alone when I say that I would much rather be the creative force behind the business and have someone else (who actually knows what they're doing) do the hard stuff. 

The hard stuff being all the itty bitty details of running a business that nobody will ever see or grasp that it took a bazillion hours to create one sticker because my Illustrator skills can barely be called novice. Without giving you, dear reader, the boring details, there have been pools of sweat and tears that have gone into LLR so far and hundreds, if not thousands of hours trying to make the real life version match the dream in my heart. I have barely scratched the surface.


This is where curiosity takes the stage. 

On the days where I feel cross-eyed from spending ten or more hours on the computer (I thought I left those days behind when I chose to live a creative life?!) there is a small glimmer of light inside me that drives me to keep moving. When I heard Gilbert talk about curiosity, the light inside me got brighter — yes, even if I don't always feel the fire burning, I always feel a sense of wonder about where this will lead and what skills and knowledge I will gain along the way. And then I had an Oprah 'ah-ha' moment...

In order to keep growing we must keep learning and through learning we are feeding our own curiosity to know more, to understand better, to do differently

LLR is my challenge to grow as an artist, a business person, a woman and just another human in the world.

I know I am creative to the core but I also know that what adds to this quality is my insanely particular ways. To call me a perfectionist would be an understatement. My theory is that if you could make something closer to perfect, why wouldn't you try? My husband does not agree with this philosophy and given his credentials, I trust he is probably right. But what I also trust is my own instincts, especially when it comes to style and aesthetic, although I still feel I am working my way through The Gap, which I wrote in more detail about here

And so my thirst for knowledge and understanding encourages me to strive for excellence in all that I do but also provides a space to self-reflect and to hopefully become a better human. I know my strengths and I am deeply aware of my weaknesses — all that I can hope for and work towards is to continue to use my curiousity as a guide towards an honest and interesting life.

Thanks for the visit.