LLR: Shiny and New

It's often said that a lot can happen or change in one year and Love Like Red is a perfect testament to that statement. 

It was barely a year ago that I was sending a birthday card in the mail to my best friend when I wrote her name with a little heart in blue on the envelope and had the thought: but you love like red. As soon as those words entered my mind, they were a part of me. 

It's been a year of mostly walking blindly into the dark, feeling around for anything, something, that seemed vaguely familiar but all I ever found were foreign objects and languages I'd never heard before. The challenge of becoming a creative entrepreneur has been one that I absolutely did not expect to take (ever) but one that has pushed me to stand more firmly on the ground — to declare my place in the world. I have never enjoyed work as much as I have enjoyed the demands of starting my own business. And for those of you that know me well, I have had a lot of jobs.

This isn't about doing what I love as much as it's about doing what I have been put on this earth to do. In my humble opinion, the DWYL movement is a bit old and misguided. Do I love not having a fucking clue about what MSRP is or what retailers want from a potential wholesaler, or how to create a line sheet, or an about page, how to use design programs, industry standards, printing protocol, pricing for wholesale versus pricing for retail, ordering forecast, order fullfillment... No. I don't love those particular things but I do love the challenge of piecing it all together and I actually think I'm good at it. Doing what you love is more about doing something you're good at and giving it your all. 

Love Like Red isn't just about a cute greeting card or an interesting print, it's about provoking the creative spirit, encouraging connection through tradition, and hopefully, about allowing ourselves to be darling and imperfect humans.

LLR is simply an extension of my own oddball personality where I'm all love and hugs and hearts with an air of 'take-no-shit-I'll-swear-if-I-want-to.' And I know I am not alone in this world. I know there are women in the world who wear pearls around their neck and studs around their waist, drink tea for breakfast and wine for lunch, wear stilettos on Friday night and Chuck Taylors on Saturday morning. May LLR unite us in all our feminine and gritty glory!

And so, as I take this next step into the Land of the Unknown, I welcome you to join me here, in this tiny corner of the internet, where we can share stories about trimph and failure, talk business, art, design and life, share recipes and gardening advice (I am not a gardener so will need all the advice I can get), and all the little things in between.

From the bottom my my heart, thank you for joining me on this journey.

See you soon.