Online Shop: Finder Not Keeper

I use Instagram a lot. It's where I find a lot of inspiration and ideas and, great online shops and blogs. Recently, I had @findernotkeeper like a photo I posted. Of course, I clicked on the IG page and found a most lovely collage of vintage items offered in beautifully curated and photographed collections! It's an absolute gem!

Finding Mithra Ballesteros' shop and blog was like finding an unexpected bouquet of flowers on your kitchen table that you just can't stop looking at because it's so beautiful and sweet. Her shop, Finder Not Keeper, is perfectly interesting: a sparkly trinket for the magpie-like woman. Each photo, or collection rather, tells such a beautiful story that one can find themselves getting lost in all the places and homes each piece may have been in. She clearly puts so much attention and care into finding each element then piecing them together in such a thoughtful manner. Anything from her shop would be a perfect gift for an antique/vintage lover!

And her blog, The Bubble Joy, is just that — bubbles of joy written in such an engaging and honest way that I wish it could go on forever! Rather than go on and on about it, I would encourage you to go spend some time on her blog and decide for yourself. In a world where new and fresh content is minimal, this is like an absolute breath of creative air!

Do you have a favourite blog that is lesser known than the ones we are always bombarded with through social media? One that deserves a little more love? Do tell! I'm always looking for new places to poke around while drinking my morning coffee.