Sorry It Didn't Work Out

This post is not about pushing products (but I guess it kind of is).

I am indeed clearing out a whole lotta cards in the Sorry It Didn't Work Out Sale, that you may only be discovering now, but I felt I should craft a blog post to share the reasons behind the break up.

Blog Post: the breaker upper

The Sale Items: the break uppees

 Internet find.

Internet find.

I recently attended a two day workshop, Paper Camp, in Los Angeles organized by the amazing Katie Hunt. It's specifically geared towards stationery/gift business owners (yes, there are that many of them) to give them the nitty gritty details of running a paper company and, ultimately, how to take their businesses to the next level (read: Trade Show). It was the proverbial punch in the face that I needed and am oddly grateful for (because who would actually be thankful for a real punch in the face?). To give you a better and more articulate description of Paper Camp (TSBC), here is what the website says about it:

Stationery industry leaders and veterans openly sharing their successes + struggles to help you make educated decisions for your business.  An action-inducing 2-day business camp.

Without knowing for sure, I would gather there were 25 attendees and eight speakers/organizers who sat around (tables, not a lazy-sitting-around-kind-of-way) for two days openly sharing and discussing all the elements of this business. They've created such a welcoming and safe environment that asking those burning questions that Google just hasn't been able to answer for you felt easy. Everything you've ever wondered or wanted to ask was fair game. It was kind of like a businessy dream.

The details of what I took away from Paper Camp will come in a later post because it deserves its own title. But what I want to share here is this:

 Katie Hunt and The Dream Team

Katie Hunt and The Dream Team

I chose to invest in TSBC for a number of reasons but the biggest being that I simply wanted to meet other people (women) that are equally as enthusiastic and curious about the stationery industry and our own place in it. I never dreamed I would end up pursuing a business making cards and other paper products but I guess it is starting to make sense and I couldn't be more excited about it!

Stationery is everything I love wrapped in beautiful metaphorical paper (lame joke). I've always been one to make and send cards, beginning when I was a kid sending cards to my dad who worked all over Canada. It's something I never stopped doing and have always valued more than gift giving. Stationery demands thoughtfulness and time to articulate things that may be harder to say in person. It allows for a person (you) to connect a little more deeply to sentiment and honesty. And it stirs our own creativity, whether it's the relationship to the design of the card, the words you choose to write in it or even how you may decorate the envelope. 

Stationery is more than just paper. It's sentiment and connection.

So I'm breaking up with more than half my designs! Fuck em! No I'm just kidding. Of the more tangible and actionable items I took away from TSBC, one of them was a more-than-appreciated critique of my work by the lovely (SO lovely), Carina Murray, of Crow and Canary. Taking what she offered and altering my perspective on my work (which I've been quietly doing for a couple of months now), I'm taking LLR in a new direction. Watch out world!

 A snippet of new work.

A snippet of new work.

Again, to spare you the details, I have been working hard at re-branding LLR so that it better aligns with who I am and what I believe, which I hope will translate to who you are and what you believe. A dear friend recently sent me this text message after reading one of my recent posts:

You are so in touch with being a woman that it's almost like you owe it to women to share this.

This is in no way meant to be a humblebrag but simply to share with you the catalyst for rethinking my purpose with LLR. So much of what I do, think, say, feel is about connecting with other women or simply connecting with my own femininity. And to me, this means allowing ourselves to be dynamic and interesting. To be insatiable about our own curiosities while taking time to be introspective about what we have to offer. Being a woman means being fierce everyday — fierce in business and love, fierce in our generosity and humility, fierce in our decisions and admitting uncertainty. There is so much I have to say about this that I have found my springboard, my starting point for moving my business in the direction I feel most strongly about. 

So I hope you will stay with me as I take on this uncarved path and, hopefully, share your own ideas and observations about being a woman in the world today. We are so lucky to live in a time when nothing is out of reach. All we have to do is work our beautiful asses off to get it!

My mantra in life has always been: if someone else can do it, there is no reason why I can't.

And so, after all that, if you want to stockpile all kinds of greeting cards because you just never know when you'll forget to pick up that birthday card and need one in a pinch, all these cards are only $3 and they're pretty darn cute (but not a good fit for the future of LLR). And free shipping. So....