10 Reasons To Send Someone a Card In The Mail. Today.

I swear it takes less time than you think and you will be so pleased with yourself when you've gone and done it. 

Studio Love Like Red

1. It gives you time to be creative: writing and, if you choose, decorating the envelope are a perfect for inspiring creativity

2. It provides a chance to slow down

3. Gives you a break from staring at a screen

4. Because whoever receives it, is going to love it

5. Handwriting gives you a chance to be more thoughtful about what you're saying; there is no delete button

6. Sending personal mail is a feel-good activity

7. If you don't go to Hallmark, chances are you're supporting a small business

8. Choosing a card is fun on its own

9. You may inspire the receiver to send their own mail and start a snail mail revolution

10. It's a more thoughtful way to say hello


                                  Click for more cards to choose from

                                 Click for more cards to choose from

                        Click here for more of the same cards to choose from

                       Click here for more of the same cards to choose from

I can probably think of ten more reasons to send a card in the mail but maybe once you do it, you'll come up with more? And you'll want to share them with me? I would love to see some photos of your mail being sent off! Use hashtag #LLRsendmoremail on Instagram or tag Love Like Red in Facebook

Hope to see some beautiful mail!