30 Letters in 30 Days

National Letter Writing Month

30 letters in 30 days

Write a letter, a note, a message, a single word.

On lined paper, stationery, post-it or a card.

Mail it, leave it in a mailbox, a purse, a briefcase, a lunchbox.

                                                         Click on the photo to download a copy for yourself! 

                                                       Click on the photo to download a copy for yourself! 


I've created this fun Bubble Chart as a way to encourage you to follow along on the letter writing fun! It's one of the ways I like to make goal-setting fun and achievable because it's pretty! For every letter you write, you add the name of the recipient in one of the bubbles and watch it fill up as April comes to an end and 30 people have had their days brightened because of the time you took to send them some love. How lovely!

But there's a kicker (sort of): there are actually 35 bubbles! Just in case you're feeling extra inspired! And to help you decide who would love a note from you, I've even made you a helpful list! 

People Who Would Love To Hear From You In The Form OF A Letter

1.    Parents

2.    Siblings

3.    Grandparents

4.    Best Friends

5.    Cousins

6.    Aunts

7.    Uncles

8.    Neighbours

9.    Teachers

10. Colleagues

11.  Boss

12.  Employees

13.  Family Friends

14.  Nieces/Nephews

15.  Friend's kids

16. the last person who gave you a compliment

17.  the first person you thought of this morning

18.  the person who you’ve been thinking about the most lately

19.  the last person who provided great service to you

20.  the last person who comforted you

21.  your server at the last restaurant you were at

22.  the one who might need a little extra love today

23.  the one you should have said sorry to

24.  the one who inspires you most

25.  the one who has been your greatest cheerleader

26.  the one who goes unnoticed or underappreciated

27.  your mailman

28.  your bus driver

29.  your barista who you see every morning

30.  a stranger

Ok beauties, I hope I've made this super fun and easy for you! If you do choose to follow along, I would LOVE to see your lovely mail and how you use the Bubble Chart :) Tag Love Like Red on Facebook or use #sendmoremailLLR on Instagram!

Of course, I will play too! 

Happy Letter Writing!