LLR is on the Move!

love like red shop will be closed until June 15, 2015

This post is strictly for your information. I will write more on the actual move and how fucking excited I am about it later this week.

The short of it is my husband and I are moving to Ottawa at the end of May. His career has taken him there and being his wife and all, I am tagging along for the fun.

Why am I closing the shop for almost two months you ask? For many reasons but mostly because we will be out of town for much of the next 6 weeks either visiting friends, taking much needed breaks together or driving across the country to make a new life so shipping will prove to be challenging.

I'm also closing it til June 15 because I've been really trying to look at LLR from a distance, trying to figure out the next step. Some things have worked, some things haven't, so it's time to take it all in and make a bigger, better plan. Things are indeed going to change but how exactly is what I'm set out to discover. The next couple of months I simply plan on getting creative, taking time to reflect and write shit down and using the time with my husband, friends and family to recharge my creativity.

  Copyright  ©2015 Love Like Red Creative Co. All rights reserved.   

Copyright ©2015 Love Like Red Creative Co. All rights reserved. 

There have been some other projects in the works. Things I've been quietly (secretly?) working on which I will reveal one day in the nearish future (after June 15 for sure). This is also a reason to take some time away. 

So until then, be sure to check back here as I will continue to write and post as regularly as life will allow. You can stay in touch via Facebook and/or Instagram too. And of course, I would just love it if you would sing up for my newsletter (bottom of the home page) which has yet to be created but I promise you it will be awesome because YOU are awesome and deserve only awesome things! I plan on sending the first one out between now and June 15 so there is some incentive to get an insider's look at what the fuck I'll be doing if I'm not slingin' cards and prints!

There you have it! 

I do sincerely hope you keep in touch in any of the ways I've mentioned above or even better, send me an email just to say hello! Tell me what YOU'LL be doing between now and June 15, what inspires you, what your plans are, how you feed your own creativity. I truly, madly would love that. Of course, I almost asked if you would send me some mail too but I realize we will be gone for much of the rest of our time in Victoria and moving on to a new address. So mail might get lost and I wouldn't want that to happen!

Ok my dear darlings...until next time.

Hope to hear from you.

I promise to write.